domingo, noviembre 23, 2008

November 22nd

Princess, what do u want for me, if yesterday was november 22nd? The 45th, 28th and 5th anniversary.

I remember when i was at the catholic high school. The bishop Jairo Jaramillo told me: u have many problems mr. Torres, but i have the solution. I'll travel to United States, to Dallas... I need that u make a research about that city. After that i solve every problem.

I read a lot about Dallas, until i knew that was city when JFK was killed, in a november 22th. That was 45 years ago. The same date, but 28 years ago, my father and my mother were married... The start of many problems, three sons and one granddaugter. I don't wanna know about my parents and their wedding, the conflicts between Torres and Villegas family; the stolens against the God's sons.

Five years ago, in Envigado, i lived the best day thanks to ms. Ramírez: a beatiful girl that called me when we, Jeimmy and me, were in the pub. Ramírez has a important piece of my story, two years with me, surviving with me. I felt glad thansk that call.

Yesterday was a difficult day. I received news about the perfect family, "i love this boy, dont worry", write at her own photo. After that appear somebody that told me, "men, that is the moment, i have a friend there and when u want, u can go. Think". He talked about my dream, and ur dream: i just need a couple coins more. South, south, south. U think the same, u feel the same, Maradona, Boca, Gardel... that is the land.

When i walked to my house i saw a girl at the 85 with 15: she was in a bus-stop, looking the people, with a tear in the face... waiting for somebody, like Penelope. I felt sad, i saw me in that picture, bit i didn't talk.

To me arrive the words of my history's teacher, Adolfo Maya: "hey Felipe, when u need a woman, choose one that u want take the longest conversation in ur life".

And u didn't speak: nothing, and i don't wanna a unvoiceless woman with me. Never more.

"Ne me quitte pas".

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