domingo, marzo 07, 2010

Living in United States 1

I arrived yesterday as the sun rise but the could is worst than in Bogota. Afortunadly, I'm not as rich as a student who paid to live in a comfortable place. I live in a United States house with pets, some obesity people, a big tv, american food and a lot of US flags. They are a really family like you can see in the movies.

This is my first trip abroad, the first signal in the passport, the DAS process, the first time in other hour use, the first time in which a rude cop ask me, what are you doing here. I come to study English. Why? In Colombia the Engllish is not the national language.

Boston is a beauty place, where all has a order. Yes, i know that when i was in the university i yell against the United Stated, against the globalization, against the imperialism. But now, here, after read to Moore, I think that the US people is different to the politics, to the economic or to other things which we are worried in our countries. Some of them not to know where Irak is, what is the economic policies of his country, or what the petroleum is a problem. Some of them think the climate change is no a problem... I should leave now, i'm going to visit a Museum and a University.

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