martes, marzo 09, 2010

Living in United States 4

The life here is the best. Sometimes I miss my costumes, my people, my city... but in the other hand I fear the time is going pretty fast... Today was the first classes day, I feel preety good because I have a high level English (according to my teachers).

But the most important time has been out classes, sharing with friends in the downtown, going to the stores, to the clubs, just walking on the streets without a North. Boston is an excitement city. I would like that Latin American cities, some day, some year, take a note of this "civilization".

In the Radio news, I listened to Janeth Napolitano, the US Homeland Secretary. It's crazy the concerning of the people here for the terrorism threat. Yes, I know that is an important topic for the "American" people, but in my country we are concerned about not only for the terrorism, as the drug trafficking, the kidnapping, the corruption, the violence for the illegal right forces, the insecurity in the cities... Now I should leave 'cause my roommate is going to sleep.

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